Moving from a small town known for it's carrot farming to the land of dreams, follow me as I write about my experience as a model, review products, share beauty and fashion tips, and much more!

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April 24, 2018

What exactly is "From Carrots to Contour"? Well, having grown up in a small carrot farming town just North of Toronto (Bradford), I was not exposed to the glitz and glamor that the  fashion industry entails - I seriously had zero idea what contour was until about 2 months after I threw myself into the spotlight that is LA. I took a chance and quit my desk job, subleased my apartment and just got on a plane. I moved to a cute beach pad in Santa Monica - which came fully furnished by my roomie Hannah, and her cute pup who I call 'Nuggy' (His real name doesn't matter because he is just a little nugget!).


I was extremely lucky to start working right away. I had previously worked as a model on a part time basis, then took a break from it for my desk job. This whole new experience was different, my whole life completely changed and I loved it. Photoshoots on the daily, living near the beach, gossip, what more could I ask for? The only downfall was that I am genuinely a massive dork and had zero clue as to what I was even doing. I had so many clueless moments and felt out of place.  But I have learned a lot  over the past 2 years, and continue to learn new trends in the industry on the weekly.


So follow me on my adventure and I will take you through product reviews, fashion tips, outfits, travel / work experiences, my personal life, and random things that I might just feel the need to share. Lol... I am not a professional blogger but I am going to give this a try (again, not really sure what I am doing).


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April 24, 2018

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