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Castings: Then and Now

May 31, 2018



 *Actual casting photo with Torrid in 2012*



As a model, casting is a necessary part of the business. Clients pay money for using your look

to assist in selling their product; as such, they are obviously going to want to see what you

actually look like in physical form and ultimately, where their money is going.

You will be assessed for size, style, personality, even down to skin conditions etc. These

things and more will affect how well you can sell their product. So what do you have to do?

You need to truly sell yourself to the client. Show them how amazing you are and why they

should book you.



Truth be told - when I first started modeling, I had zero style. What’s worse than an aspiring

model with no sense of style? One who thinks they do in fact have style. Enter Kris Yeo.

I not only didn't have a clue about makeup - but my hair wasn't even a thought. I have had

some horrendous moments where I look back on them and want to kick my own ass. Often

during reflection thoughts such as: “what the hell was I thinking” and “how could I present

myself like that” come to mind. At the same time, you’ve got to be able to look back and

laugh because in the end, that was so clueless as to what she was supposed to do.

Learning is a part of life - we grow so much from experiences and I’m sure this whole notion

applies to any profession.


I would not be where I am today without the guidance of some very important people. My

mother agent - Chantale Nadeau, and other experienced agency mentors have taught me so

much from casting style to setting goals of who I want to represent myself to be in the



To give you an idea of how bad my style was, I will tell you the story of my first meeting with


Picture this:

Hair: dead-ass box dyed 8 tone platinum white (still love me some platinum and this photo does not truly show how botched it was) with side bangs

Outfit: bright Blue T-shirt, dark blue jeans, blue heels


Bright White Eye Shadow (I shit you not)

Bright pink blush

 Mom’s cover-up

Bright pink lipgloss

(Next Top Model Here I Am… right?)


I am so thankful that even with my bad attempt at style; Chantale saw something in me and

believed in my potential. She booked an agency meeting with me that day at FORD Toronto

- but before that, she had me go dye my hair to a natural blonde and buy a whole new

outfit. Off note, my immediate family had travelled with me from our small home town for this big day, so they came along with me to shop for what I needed to complete this make over. I

was told to buy black jeans and a tank. After I had a new outfit, new hair, and a makeup

revamp, we did a test shoot in the alleyway. Chantale then took me to FORD where I was first signed.



You think I would have received the message loud and clear, taken the style advice from and

applied it to all of my castings.

Nope. It went right over my head. I was young (shrugging shoulders).

It wasn't until I was casting during my first trip to LA that I was hit with the reality check.

My LA agent asked me what I was wearing to my casting (not at all what Chantale had

advised me to wear previously). When I told my agent I was actually ready to go, she just

gave me a look and ‘good luck’. I was wearing my hair half up in a clip, bright makeup,

kitten heels, and a hideous cream shirt with lace and frills. After my castings, she sat me

down and we had a full conversation of how I needed to up my game.

I mean, I didn't look like I crawled out of a trash bag - I just wasn't fully put together; and

when you go to a casting, you need to be on your 100% A-game. I was told that I had to

think outside of my own personal style and start thinking like a model. This was such great

advice because at castings, you are up against so many other girls for the job; going in with a

half-assed attitude just won’t cut it.


It took me a while. Don’t be hard on yourself if you have doubts about your own style going

into your first casting. With with thanks to some very good advice and genuine belief from

people in the industry who know exactly what it requires to stand out, I feel extremely

confident of what is required to present that A-game necessity. Don’t worry, I’m still human;

I still have my bad days mentally.


How I currently present myself at a casting:


- I like to keep it simple, sleek, and stylish

- Black pants, either fashionable jeans, trousers

- White or Black fitted top that matches the style of the jeans

- Depending on the look, you can pair it with a belt or complete the look with high boots or


- Hair: lightly curled, wavy or straight - NO CLIPS

- Minimal makeup with coverage and a nude/ light pink lip.







Top 5 embarrassing moments at castings:


- The time I shaved my legs in the am before a lingerie casting and cut myself badly

and my legs were still freshly bleeding the whole time - the client gave me Kleenex

for it

 -That one time I ripped a garment I was trying to fit into it and the client asked “ are

you okay in there?”

 -When someone in LA asked me where I was from and naturally all I said was

“Bradford.” I then had to explain that it is in Canada, North of Toronto

 -In London, I tried using clip-in extensions - which are great when they are cut to

match your hair (and you know how to put them in); obviously not in my case.

Someone at a casting told me they could see the clips

 -I was so sick and had a cough attack while waiting, then got called in and couldn't

stop coughing and at one point just turned my back to the clients and coughed for at

least 10 seconds.



Hope you enjoyed this read and had a good laugh, I know I am still laughing at myself! 













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