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My Health Journey With Evelyn

June 10, 2019

Hello you beautiful Kweens, 


It has been so long since I have posted a blog entry. It has been a crazy year for me, but I am so excited to share with you my new health journey! 


Now, before I get to the fun part, let me give you a little back story on what has been slowed me down this past year....


2018 was the hardest year of my life. I was thrown so many curve balls but the biggest challenge I had to face was the sudden death of my dad, who sadly passed of a heart attack at the young age of 49.



I had to travel back to Canada from Australia in complete shock and denial and face one of the toughest realities.

The year started off great when I had traveled to Australia for New Years Eve, and decided to extend  my trip to start the process of a partner visa with Sam. We were excited with the idea, and preparing to lodge our application. Our process got delayed, and my life was forever changed on Feb 7th when  Sam and I were woken up with a call I will never forget. 


I won't go on with all the sad details, but lets just sum it up to " it was pretty shitty". Throughout my grieving process, I fought my hardest to stay healthy but some days just got the best of me. It was hard to stay motivated on my  days off, some days  it was even hard to want to get out of bed. Not all days were bad, but the struggle was real.

Prior to this, I was genuinely enjoying my gym routine /gym classes. I was working out 3-5 times per week whilst  eating a very balanced diet. Overall I felt very healthy and happy. Throughout this past  year and its challenges,  I have tried to fight hard and  push myself  to a healthier state and  feeling like the best version of myself. I found myself becoming  frustrated because even in my hardest attempts, I wasn't feeling or seeing any results but instead, I was gaining weight. I experienced positive patches of feeling great but just couldn't stay consistent due to my mood, lack of motivation, and my schedule. I went to the doctor about my under active  thyroid because I thought maybe my hormones were off, which could be  the cause of my "failure". Well, didn't I get thrown a curve ball when she diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). Although I felt a little upset, I was actually relieved because it explained everything that was going on with me including- why I wasn't losing any weight but instead gaining (mostly in my lower stomach, which I found out is called "PCOS belly"), my lack of motivation, acne in one patch of my face, irregular, painful and heavy periods, irregular hormones, and even hair growth on my chin -lol I sucked. *******please, if you have two of these symptoms, please click the link and consult your doctor.********


Maintaining a healthy active lifestyle is crucial when you have PCOS, so this journey couldn't have come at a better time. To be honest, I had actually reached out to my now health coach prior to the diagnosis because I just felt like I needed guidance. Together we had planned a health journey, when again I thrown another curve ball with the diagnosis. I was a little frustrated because we had our journey planned and ready to go, and now we had to revise it. It did not phase my health coach and  she was so supportive and encouraging. She reassured me that she would be able to work with me, and help me reverse my PCOS Symptoms ........ Which brings me to the current day and health journey I am about to embark. 



Let me introduce you to Evelyn. 


Evelyn and I met the day I signed uo for the gym. To be honest, I was so intimidated when I saw her. She looked so fit and beautiful as I stood there in my sweats looking like a potato. I remember having the thoughts of "omg what kind of gym is this?", and actually was questioning what I was doing. 



When I sat down with Evelyn, it didn't take long for me to realize that I was wrong about her. She was so down to earth and kind, I was embarrassed that I let my insecurities get the best of me. We hit it off and decided to stay connected. 


Knowing that I needed assistance with my health, I decided to bite the bullet and reach out to Evelyn for help. Why Evelyn? Well, because over the course of the year, I would see Evelyn posting positive stories, healthy recipes, health tips, workouts and even learned that she has a business selling healthy ready to eat meals (that she cooks and prepares herself) - AND is a certified Health Coach! 


What is a health coach?

A health coach is someone that works with, pushes, and supports you to achieve your health goals(as varied as they may be), through lifestyle and behavior modifications. Everything from losing 10 pounds, to de- stressing and gaining energy to, to improving. nutrition and even helping to tame an autoimmune disease.  The best part is - they listen! Not only are they trained wellness authorities, but they mentor, inspire, guise and motivate their clients to cultivate positive health choices.  Health coaches really take the time to help guide you through all areas of your life; including stress factors, relationships, careers, habits etc. Although they are unable to provide medical advice, It truly is heart centered health care at its finest. 




So what exactly are we doing? We are going to go on a fun health journey together. This is a journey that isn't focused solely on weight loss, but instead my overall health and well being! We are going to work together to make healthy changes so I can get back to my healthy self prior to my dark days. Evelyn will be teaching me about food  and  nutrition, setting goals for me each week, and even have me eating her clean pre made meals. 


 We are going to go on this journey without ANY scales! I will not be weighing myself once (It has been years since I've known my weight) because I feel that sometimes the scale can do more damage than good. Alternatively, I will  be measuring my weight loss by a pair of pants! Again, this is not a weight loss journey/challenge -  I would just like to comfortably fit back into a pair of pants that I wore when I felt my healthiest, and most confident self. This is a realistic goal, and once I reach it, I will physically be in a healthier state as well. 



Now the fun part! Each week I will posting a blog about journey that week. I am going to keep it as real as possible and share with you the good, the, the bad annnnd the ugly.  if you are interested in taking a health journey yourself, follow along and have some fun with us! Creating a healthier lifestyle for yourself does not need to be a negative, but instead a positive and fun transition in your life. Remember, It isn't about the number on a scale, so please do not add any pressure to yourself, instead, if you are looking to lose weight, why don't you find an article of clothing that you would like to feel better in. If you take a before photo- please do not take a depressing one that we see in the ads, but instead lets  embrace ourselves with who we are now, and then do the same for your after shot. Our outside will always be ever changing, we deserve the same self love, care and embracement at any size. Now I want to specify again that this journey is not a  not a "weight loss journey /challenge", but there is nothing wrong if that is a goal you would like to achieve for yourself. 



If you are taking the journey with me, please let me know, I would love to be your support  buddy! 


Woooo lets do it, Kweens xoxox 




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