About Moi

Hello, Bonjour, and G’day to you all! 


My childhood started from the place I still call home – Bradford, a small town north of Toronto located in Ontario, Canada. With a population of less than 30,000, I grew up with the values of enjoying family and pretty much not being able to walk into the local Tim Horton’s coffee store without bumping into someone you know. But I always had bigger dreams.

From the age of 8, I started putting away the most humble of savings into a jar with the ambition of one day moving to California. I always enjoyed fashion from a young age. However, I was always the “bigger” girl growing up and didn't think that it would ever be possible to model the clothes that I love. This all changed when I started modelling at the age of 21 as a size 16. It was then I knew that I wanted to pursue it more seriously and get to LA.To this day, that jar with “Money for California” written on a sticky tape label still sits with less than $20 in it in the family basement. The money may still be in Bradford, and not quite enough to afford a Gucci bag but the dream is now my reality, as I write this from my apartment in Santa Monica, California. 

I absolutely love the life I have been grateful enough to live and the work I am able to continue to pursue - TV appearances, working with top fashion brands, and magazine editorials have all kept me on my game.

In a world where society unfortunately still brings down women and the ability for them to love their own body, I want more than anything to break down those barriers as a ‘plus size’ model.

My beliefs and goals run much deeper than what may be perceived by many looking in. Having battled with depression and anxiety myself growing up, and still to this day I also stand strongly for Mental Health Awareness.  


A stigma still exists towards this entire topic, and I am passionate about breaking that down.

Please check out my links to #EFFTHESTIGMA for more info!

"I believe a kind heart leads to a happy soul"

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me.


Please feel free to browse my page and follow my journey through the things that I love!

Kisses, hugs, and warm wishes